Real Estate Disputes

A border fence with overhanging tree Real estate disputes come in many flavors related to sense of place

Mr. Rockne has handled long standing and contentious neighbor disputes, claims involving retaining walls, water runoff, spite fences and trespassing. He understands the importance and the impact that land, landscaping and a person’s sense of place can have when there are clashing views. He works with his clients to help them understand and articulate their goals. Then he works with his clients to help them reach those goals.

Real Estate Experience

  • Boundary and neighbor disputes
  • Disputes regarding the scope and enforceability of easements, including ingress/egress easements, view easements, restrictive easements and side sewer easements
  • Landscaping disputes
  • Conflicts over covenants
  • Specific enforcement of real estate contracts and earnest money claims
  • Adverse possession
  • Timber trespass and encroachment
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Joint sewer repair issues
  • Landlord-tenant disputes, lease violations and enforceability

Mr. Rockne also represents guardians, executors, and personal administrators in probate matters involving real estate. These claims often involve allegations of fraudulent conveyance and violation of the abuse of adult statutes. Call 206-297-1122 for help if you’re in this situation.

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