Mediation agreementAny conflict destined for litigation can also be mediated

Mr. Rockne understands litigation can be a costly and emotional burden that may not be possible depending on your circumstances. Mediation can be an expedient and a binding solution to your situation and eliminate the need to escalate to litigation.

Why choose mediation over litigation?

Litigation can go on for years. Mediation is usually started and completed in a matter of weeks, for even the most complex cases.

During mediation, parties craft resolutions that work for them long term, rather than having a judgement imposed by a court. In litigation, there’s always a winner and a loser, and someone else—a judge or jury—has control of the outcome. Mediation studies show that people follow through on mediated agreements at a higher rate they do on court-issued judgments.

Any conflict within Mr. Rockne’s practice areas of real estate and commercial disputes can be mediated.

If you have questions about mediation and how it works, or if you are looking for an attorney to represent you at a mediation, Mr. Rockne is available, call 206-297-1122 or email.

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