What is mediation and why do it?

Mediators are trained (usually) professionals that assist parties in solving their dispute. A mediation is usually held in an office with the parties in separate rooms. (Although in facilitative mediation the parties would be in the same room with the mediator). The mediator goes back and forth between the rooms working with the parties to help them define their issues and, hopefully, come to a resolution. The goal is to have a written agreement spelling out the terms of the agreement and any next steps.

Why mediate?

Mediation is voluntary and can often encompass more issues than those that are involved in the specific dispute. Creative mediators will encourage the parties to think “outside the box.” It is even possible that a relationship can be repaired by finding common ground.

Mediation (or some other form of dispute resolution) is required in most civil lawsuits in King County. It should be considered in all cases.

If you have questions about mediation, if you are looking for an attorney to help you or represent you at a mediation or if you are looking for a mediator, I look forward to your calls.


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