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Inverse condemnation—what’s that?

Governments (federal, state and local) pass laws and regulations that impact the use of private property. Sometimes those government regulations are so restrictive that a private property owner has a right to compensation for the “taking” of his or her property. Recently, a landowner with property adjacent to the state penitentiary in Walla Walla, claimed […]

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Seller financing? Consider a real estate contract

The Washington Legislature created the Deed of Trust Statute in 1967. RCW 61.24 et. seq. As a result, over the next forty years it became common practice to secure seller-financed real estate transactions with a deed of trust and promissory note. Because the Deed of Trust statute created an efficient, practical and timely method for […]

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Backyard cottages in Seattle

Many Seattle area homeowners, owing more than their properties are worth, are seeking to increase the value of their property with the construction of backyard cottages. These “detached accessory dwelling units” or DADUs, allow homeowners an opportunity to supplement their income or create a guest cottage for visiting friends and family. The “detached accessory dwelling […]

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